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I'm still in the process of setting up my Blog so please bare with me.

Unfortunately I've encountered a fairly serious health crisis soon after retiring so while I have more time on my hands I'm still dealing with this at the moment. Will probably blog about this at some point as some people may be interested in latest treatments, especially if they experience something similar in the future.

The sorts of things I intend writing about:

  1. My experiences from my early days of IT (late 70's) to the current day
  2. My experiences working for Multi-Nationals and then co-founding and Directing a start-up Software company for 20 years (successfully sold in 2007)
  3. Experiences as a Consultant and then working for a Global Software company again
  4. I have an extensive Sales background in selling Enterprise Software and will share knowledge I've learned the hard way. I believe Selling is an essential skill whether it is a product, service, getting a pay rise or landing your dream job.
  5. I spend many hours every day (and night) researching latest hardware and software and will share my recommendations
  6. I'm still very Interested in Development and DevOPS and will also share latest info I'm uncovering
  7. And many more topics, hopefully of interest

I'm a very genuine person and have built a good reputation over the years and have no axe to grind, no position to push, or anything to sell you.

I also try to be very open minded and ready to change my point of view if I hear a more logical or well reasoned alternative.

My intention is to one day write a few books (fiction and non-fiction) and getting into a habit of writing regularly on this blog will be a good step towards that goal.

p.s. The cover image is from the "Bay of Fires" which is about 5 minutes drive from where I live in St Helens, Tasmania, Australia.

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